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Father’s Day

Father’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026

Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June in Canada, the same date as in the US where this observance originated approximately a century ago. It is not a holiday but is widely observed by people across the nation.

202416 JunSunFather's Day
202515 JunSunFather's Day
202621 JunSunFather's Day
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Canada keeps up Father’s Day by expressing thankfulness and affection to its Dads, giving cards, chocolates, and other gifts, and taking Dad out for dinner. Grandfathers, step or foster fathers, and even uncles are also often honoured on Father’s Day as much as one’s biological father.

One tradition some people have followed over the years is wearing red roses to honour their fathers. And if they don a white rose, that means their father has already passed away but is still very much remembered and appreciated.

Previous Years

202318 JunSunFather's Day
202219 JunSunFather's Day