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Civic Holiday

Civic Holiday 2020, 2021 and 2022

Civic Holiday is celebrated in various ways in the provinces where it is a statutory holiday.

YearDateDayHolidayProvinces and Territories
20203 AugMonCivic Holiday BC, NB, NT, NU
& SK
20212 AugMonCivic Holiday BC, NB, NT, NU
& SK
20221 AugMonCivic Holiday BC, NB, NT, NU
& SK

Civic Holiday is a result of Canada’s diverse heritage. In 1974, Civic Day was created by the Minister of Culture in Alberta. Today, Civic Day is celebrated throughout various provinces in Canada. The holiday is celebrated in accordance to a province’s cultural heritage and history. This makes this Canadian holiday one of the most diverse events of the year.

British Columbia

In British Columbia, Civic Holiday is known simply as B.C. Day. This is a holiday that allows the people of British Columbia to learn about their home’s history. Many people participate in historical tours to observe B.C. Day. Culinary demonstrations are also popular at B.C. Day festivals. Most of the dishes prepared by chefs on this holiday are traditional and use local ingredients. People also have the opportunity to enjoy live music and parades.

New Brunswick

Instead of honouring culture, the people of New Brunswick use Civic Holiday as a time to celebrate the environment that they live in. Simply known as New Brunswick Day, Civic Holiday in this province is oriented around exhibitions about the area’s natural resources. The holiday also informs the citizens of New Brunswick about the province’s traditional industries and economic strengths. Sporting events and games are also popular during New Brunswick Day.