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Black Friday

Black Friday 2024, 2025 and 2026

Black Friday has a complicated relationship with the Canadian people. Although it has become a major shopping event in Canada each year, along with its follow-up, Cyber Monday, it still plays second fiddle to Boxing Day.

202429 NovFriBlack Friday
202528 NovFriBlack Friday
202627 NovFriBlack Friday
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Boxing Day comes right after Christmas on 26 December and is a traditional time for big sales in Canada, the UK, and some other countries with strong historic UK ties. It is a time to shop, relax and recover from the holidays, and to return any unwanted Christmas gifts to the store for a refund!

Also, Canada has its own Thanksgiving Day in mid-October instead of late November, so there isn’t the Thanksgiving connection here for Black Friday. Plus, there is a bit of a rivalry over whose Thanksgiving was “first”.

But despite some of these “problems” that tend to limit the influence of Black Friday in Canada, it is growing steadily nonetheless. With some, it is very popular. Many Canadians get off work so they can shop the Black Friday deals, according to one survey. Many do their sales shopping online instead. Clothes, accessories, and electronics are the hottest-selling items in Canada, but almost everything is on sale and sells.

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